Saturday, February 17, 2007

warming up

well, we're here and we're climbing on the bandwagon. tom's been considering surgery to help him with his struggle with weight and i keep thinking that when he starts his diet, i'll start mine. we're a dangerous combo sometimes.

i've done WW several times in the past and always with success. the first time, tom and i had just started dating and i actually lost 20 pounds relatively easily. i did it with a girl friend and she was an amazing source of support. we went walking together every morning and we cooked together every night. it made it seem easy to lose weight.

fast forward to my post-baby body after we had stella (who's now 2, for anyone out there who doesn't read our blog). tom and i decided to go back to WW. i was probably a good 30 pounds heavier than i was when i went the first time. i chalked it up to baby weight. we lost weight- slowly but surely. i felt motivated, but tom was struggling. he was losing weight, but not nearly as quickly as he thought he should be. due to the discouragement he was feeling (and probably finances) we quit going and the "lifestyle change" was abandoned.

after i had our youngest in may, my body had shrunk. i actually lost weight during pregnancy that time! i was 17 pounds lighter post partum than i was when i first found out i was prego! alas, it didn't last. i have no idea what my current weight is but i'd be willing to guess that i've put those 20+ pounds back on my body.

i used to be super athletic. i ran track in high school. i loved to run. i was one of those people who would wake up and run 4 miles as a warm up. when i got home from school/ work, i would go run 7 more miles. i loved how my body felt and i loved how i looked. now i'm no dummy. i know i'll never have that body back. it's suffered it's fair share of abuse over the years, but i do know that i long to run again. i have this strange dream stuck in my head to run the new york marathon someday. my family and close friends have even said they'd fly out to watch me do it.

i want to participate more in my kid's lives. i want to be able to keep up and chase them while they learn to ride their two wheelers someday.

i would love to wear a bathing suit with confidence again. pre-kids, i was much more secure with myself than i am now. i miss that and i definitely want to pass a healthy body image and good confidence on to my girls.

these are my goals. summed up, i long to be healthy.

so the plan is to jump in with both feet starting on monday. i have no idea if we'll go to meetings, but we're certainly planning on following the WW plan. and the only reason that i say that we're starting monday and not tomorrow is because we need to go grocery shopping. :)

so... here's to better decisions!


Karen and Bill Huff said...

Rae Ann, Thank you for your post! I enjoyed reading your story and can certainly identify with your struggles. Its funny, with my second child, I had the same experience, where I really was thinner after I delivered than I was before I started! And yes, sad to say that quickly came back. Thank you for sharing, and we're here to support you and Tom along this journey!

Growin in Willows said...

Hi Rae Ann, how did your first day of counting points go? Yesterday was okay for me. I ended up in Chico to see the Chiropractor and had lunch with a friend. I am sure I chose "okay", but not great, could have had a salad, but that is the big meal I had for the day, then only ate dinner last night, so I am sure I was still within my daily points.