Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a small loss . . . but still a loss!

Well, I had my weigh-in tonight at WW, but I only lost .8 lbs, bringing my total loss to 8.6 lbs. I was disappointed, as I felt I did really well this week! :-( But I guess the good news is that, even thought it was a small loss, at least I lost! I was hoping to get closer to 10 lbs. down, but oh well. Maybe next week. We've been eating out a lot lately, since our oven has been broken. Oh well, the good news is the new stove is being installed tomorrow, so we will be able to bake again!

Also, I got to see Alicia at the WW meeting tonight! I was really excited to see her, and I got to see Justin too, and hold him. He is SO adorable! I love babies. Unfortunately, I had to run off to a work dinner tonight, so I couldn't stay very long. But at least I got to see them and hold Justin! Fun stuff! Alicia, I'm so proud of you for re-starting your WW after having Justin!

How is everyone else doing?

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Growin in Willows said...


Glad you posted, I forgot to ask you how you did last night. .8 is a great accomplishment. Go to the refrigerator tonight and pull out a pound of butter, now think that you lost most all of that off your body. .8 may seem small, but in reality, it is a great accomplishment! Keep up the great work, I know you can do it!