Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week 1 - Back on Track

I went to WW last night and had a loss of .9 I will take it. That puts me at 16.8 total loss since March 07. Slow and steady wins the race...I have to remember that on this journey. It took me 2 years to loose the 116 pounds I lost last time. I don't have even 1/2 as much to loose this time...

I did try on some clothes that were smaller this past weekend and they are starting to fit. I have 3 skirts that now fit...a little tight, but they fit. a few more pounds and they will be perfect!

I haven't set any real good goals yet, except I want to loose another ~ 16 pounds to get back to my pre-prego weight and clothes!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting off the pregnancy Pounds....

Hi all,

Well, Justin is now 7 1/2 months old. I have lost a total of 15.9 pounds since March 07. I am feeling pretty good about it, but now am on a mission to get off this next 20 to take me back to my pre-pregnancy weight....will check in weekly (i hope) on my status...