Friday, September 19, 2008

gain. . .

Well, for my first week at truely being back and couting, I gained...I was so good, but I continue counting my points and makeing WW meals.....tonight we are having sloppy joes (homemade) from a WW book...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Get in the groove!

Hi all,

does anyone read this anymore?

Well, I am back on track Day4. I was back at my Pre-Preggo weight in May and then we lost Mom and I went through times and gave up on my progress...

But now, I am no longer nursing Justin so I feel so much more free, like I can go out and workout..have more time for me. So, Todd and I have worked out a plan. He works out first (5am) and I work out at 6:00 am...for a 1/2 hour MWF. On T TH I walk with a girlfriend and I might do a tape here at the house or take Justin for a walk.

We went to a super Wally world this last weekend and stocked up on low pt goodies for me. Weight Watcher items...and I am kick starting my week with some frozen meals....they are spendy, but easy to get me back on track I hope.

I also work for WW, and we had a staff meeting yesterday. I was inspired by my peers. I will try to keep this up to date weekly. I joined a competition also with the Staff. For every pound I loose till the end of October, my boss will donate $1 to a charity. (This is also going on at your local WW but on a national level). WW will donate up to 1 million dollars to a hungry food project.