Friday, February 23, 2007

not good, not good at all

so how do you know that this time, you're serious. this time, you mean it. this time, you're going to kick cellulite's ass.

i thought this was going to be it.

then i realized, there is no "thought" about it. you have to make it so. i keep thinking that i need to feel really amped up about my weight loss. that i have to feel really motivated. the truth is, it's got nothing to do with how i feel.

i know this might be a weird comparison, but i was thinking about tom and comparing the two situations. i love tom with all of my heart- nothing can change that. however, when we're not at our best and we're pushing eachother's buttons, i don't always like him. it's the commitment we have to eachother though that gets us through those slumps.

((i know, i told you this was weird...))

same thing with WW. i shouldn't have to feel all high and emotional about it. i just need to be committed to it no matter how motivated i do (or don't) feel at the moment.

anyways, soap box speech. i'm in a slump. this is where i would give up and i've only just begun. we can't seem to find our old WW materials (moving every year will have repercussions like this) and i know that's not helping. i don't feel equipped to be embarking on this right now. however, i know that there are plenty of resources out there and if i would just take advantage of them, i would be on a good path.

keep it up everyone! i really enjoy reading everyone's stories and hearing about how their week is going. it's motivating and encouraging.


Growin in Willows said...

Hi Rae Ann,

I totally know how you feel. You really want to be committed to WW, but you feel a lack of zust for it. I am there. I so want to be back in my size 8 pants....even back into my 10's would be fabulous. It is hard to make a committment, specially when you have so much other going on with two girls to take care of - I find that Justin comes first and eating comes last. I might be lucky to eat by 10am in the morning and then 2pm for lunch, forget snacks, although I need to be eating them!

I know one thing that I did the first time I lost weight was set goals. One was to go buy one thing (a dress or a pair of pants) just one size smaller than the current feels amazing when you can finally get into them, and it is a great goal.

Mom and I vowed last time that if we lost our weight we would go to Alaska and we did. Maybe you and Tom could define a plan to do something like that. Instead of paying the weekly fee at WW (since you are doing from home), you could put some $$ into saving for a special time for the two of you.

If you lost all of the stuff, you can go to a WW meeting and get the startup stuff for the weekly fee as registration is free right now. might be a good idea - stay for the getting started and get inspired!

Okay, good luck this week!

Karen and Bill Huff said...

Hi Rae Ann,
I can totally relate! We love our husbands and kids with everything we've got, but sometimes you really don't LIKE them very much, especially when they're pushing your buttons, like you said! I think that is so true of most of our human relationships. It is so hard to get going, and once you get going, to stay motivated! For me, especially, because I love to eat out, and when I eat out, I can't have all my favs that made me happy when I ate them. Why does eating those foods make me happy?!? It gives me warm fuzzies and makes me feel like I'm giving myself a "treat." Its so hard to lose that and I get discouraged that I can't go to my favorite burger joint and have a bacon cheeseburger with fries (I think that would be my entire points for the day!!!). Gee, it's lunch time; can ya tell?!?

I agree with Alicia -- for me, what's helpful is actually attending the meetings and having to be accountable. And I love Alicia's idea of buying something a size smaller to look forward to wearing!

Hang in there -- you can do it!