Friday, February 16, 2007

Weigh-In Day . . .

Well, last night (Thurs.) was my weigh in, and I was really feelin' pretty nervous, since I had gone over points a couple of nights (yes I had already gone through all my flex points!)and I was really afraid that not only had I not lost, that I may have gained . . . but I am excited to report that I lost 3 lbs!!! Yahoo!! I am now down 7.8 lbs. and I actually got into a pair of jeans that I could not get into a couple of weeks ago. In fact, the new jeans I bought because the old ones didn't fit, are now too loose!!! I really am liking that. It is so motivating to have lost a relatively small amount of weight but it made a difference in the fit of my clothes. Whew!

Well, how did everyone do on Valentine's Day? I have to admit I had a couple (or three or four) pieces of chocolate that were hanging around the office and were calling to me. They were relatively small pieces (and they were Dove chocolates -- YUMMMMMM!!). Then Bill and I went out to dinner (I had already gone through all my flex points!!!) so I was a bit concerned. I always feel SO deprived when I go to a restaurant and can't order steak. In our WW meetings, they talk about how it is so easy to still eat out on program, by ordering grilled chicken, no potatoes, no sauce . . . all I can think is WHAT'S THE POINT?!? Why go out?!? To me, half to fun of going out (besides not having to cook or do dishes!) is eating a big ol' thick steak, baked potatoes loaded, rolls and salad. Of course, that is what the flex points are for. I was REALLY hungry last week!! Anyway . . . my point is that since I'd already used my flex points, last night we went to Marie Callender's and had salad bar and steak dinner. I had steak and cocoanut shrimp, but I did substitute the baked potato for more veggies. I loaded up on salad bar and low-fat dressing, had a small amount of soup, so I wasn't that hungry when the entree came. I was very proud of myself, and I only ate until I was full. I only had a few bites of steak and one shrimp. The rest went home in a doggie bag.

Speaking of salad bar, that can be a dangerous place! There are lots of yummy things for salad that can pack on the points if you're not careful. Things like hard boiled eggs, cheese, sunflower seeds and raisins. If you don't think you can resist, one idea is to order a side salad instead of salad bar, and have them hold any items that are high in points, so you don't see them and aren't tempted to eat them. If you do eat them, don't forget to count the points!! It's way too easy to just lump it all in as salad and figured the greens cancelled out the bad stuff . . . sad to say, that doesn't work!!!

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then you probably know about the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. They are two points, and are very good! The hard thing is to only eat just one . . . . I wanted to let you know that Costco has been carrying Skinny Cows in bulk -- 20 ice cream sandwiches to a box for only $9.99!! This is a huge savings, as the ones in the grocery store come in a 6-pack for $4.99. Wow!! Also, I found sugar-free jello cups at Costco in bulk for an excellent price, too. The specialty items such as these can be pricey and makes it difficult sometimes to follow the program.

So we have several authors signed up, and several invitations still out there. If you are having trouble accessing the link for the invitation, let me know and I will re-send it. Make sure the email didn't go to your bulk folder, too.

Please feel free to post! I'd love to hear from our authors, about where you are, where you want to be, or anything else you'd like to post!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Growin in Willows said...

Karen I am so proud of you. You are really running with weight loss...congrats. I am still unable to get onto the WCWW site to blog myself, not sure why it won't link up at home? I might ask Dana if she knows....

Can't wait to hear about next weeks progress.....fitting into an old pair of jeans is a great accomplishment! Good JOB!

Karen and Bill Huff said...

Thank you Alicia!! I really appreciate your comments and your support. It is very exciting to finally be comfortable in jeans that I could barely button a couple of weeks ago!

Sorry you're having problems logging into the WCWW site as author! That is really strange. There are two other people that haven't responded to their invitations either -- I wonder if they're having the same problems.