Sunday, February 11, 2007

Welcome New Authors!

I'm happy to welcome Alicia W., Jim H., and Tom and Rae Ann P. as authors to the blog! We are all in this journey together and having this support as we all struggle to lose weight is so important. I'm excited to hear everyone's stories and share in the joys and struggles. I'm looking forward to sharing tips and recipes, too!

Let me begin by telling you my story. I'm 48 years old, married for 2-1/2 years to a wonderful man. Between the two of us, we have four kids -- my boys ages 24 and 19, and his girls ages 22 and 19. My boys live with us; Bill's girls live in southern CA and Kentucky, respectively. As often happens, I never had problems with my weight until I had children. Since then, I've slowly gained weight over the years to my highest weight of 287 (gulp -- its really hard to look at that number!). I'm 5'11" so it is really easy to put on weight before it starts to show. I have been a WW member previously (must have been 3 or 4 years ago) and lost about 35 lbs. Since then, I've gained back the 35 lbs. plus! This time, I joined WW on Feb. 1st and last Thurs. was my first weigh-in after my first week on WW and I lost 4.8 lbs! My goal weight is 170 so I have 112lbs. to lose. I'm determined this time. I'd like to have most of it lost by my 50th birthday -- Aug. 21, 2008. At my age, heart disease and diabetes loom as scary monsters in my future if I don't do something about my weight. I'm also on medication because my bad cholesterol is too high and my good cholesterol is too low. I'd like to get off of those meds, if possible. Also, once I hit menopause, then losing the weight will be even more difficult. My husband loves me just the way I am, but is very supportive of my weight loss. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

So that is my story! Feel free to share yours, if you'd like to. We can do this together!!!!


Growin in Willows said...


I know you can do it. If I could do it, you can too. I will be there right beside you. One thing I always did was try to buy a pair of pants or a nice skirt a size smaller than my current size as a goal....I always felt great when I could fit into a new "smaller" size.

Karen and Bill Huff said...

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for the encouragement, and that's a great idea about having the size smaller clothing item as a motivator!! What a great idea. Thanks! :-)