Thursday, March 8, 2007


Well, today is my WW meeting day and I had been dreading it, since I had been SO bad this week. But amazingly enough, I posted a 3.2 lb. weight loss!!! I was absolutely amazed. I couldn't believe it. No doubt next week will be not so good, because for me, it seems to take a week before culinary excess takes it's toll on my weight! I'll have to try to be extra careful this week.

So my total weight loss to date is 12.4 lbs. Wooohoo!!! I am very excited. Got my 10 lb. sticker today. Kinda sounds like kindergarten LOL. I am thinking that the reason for cheating so much this week is that things are stressful at work. I need to find a way to comfort myself without food, but that is a lifetime habit. I've tried other things, and they just don't seem to work. Anyone with ideas?

How is everyone else doing? What's tough for me this time of year is Easter and all the chocolate in the stores. YIKES!!! This weekend, the weather in Chico is supposed to be gorgous -- low to mid-80s they say. Good time to get outside and take a long walk in the park or a bike ride. Also a good way to burn calories for extra points!! :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Growin in Willows said...

Great Job! I am so jealous 12 pounds is wonderful! You are doing fabulous. I ended up not being able to get to the meeting Wednesday night. I had an unexpected (but wonderful) guest over. I did weigh myself at home, and if they are close, I would have lost 2.4 pounds, but not sure how close my scale is at home compared.

Sara said...

WooHoo!!! That is awesome. I had an extra mocha this last weekend and it stayed with me ALL week. A small splurge and it sure made this week difficult. You know when I attended those meetings it was great to get the stickers for how much weight I lost, amazingly it somehow kept me motivated. Maybe we all need that Kindergarten feeling ;-) Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun! Supposed to rain up here...