Friday, March 2, 2007

Down another .6 lbs . . . and adjusting points!

Well, last night was my WW meeting, and amazingly enough, I lost .6! I couldn't believe it, since I was SUCH a pig over the weekend. Yikes! I was so bad all weekend and I just didn't care what I ate and I didn't count points. And we went out to dinner at Outback on Friday night and had a big ol' ribeye steak, but I did substitute the baked potatoes for veggies (cooked with butter, no doubt!!). And I had the croutons, egg and cheese removed from the salad. *sigh*. Oh well. I ate and ate and ate. But the good news is, that there is no "bad" stuff to eat in my house, so when I pigged out, I pigged out on relatively low-cal stuff. The only thing that was higher in points was the peanut butter, but even it was reduced calorie. It's still a lot of points, though. I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I didn't count the points. I was SO sick of counting points!!

Oh well, this is a new week and a new attitude! I'm back on track, and this will be a good week! We're going to a movie and dinner tonight, but I don't plan to have popcorn. But I do plan to spend some of my flex points on dinner tonight. Yum!

Just a reminder -- as you lose weight, you have to adjust the number of points you are allowed. I use the e-tools on the WW website, and when I posted my loss, it reminded me that I needed to take the points quiz. My total weight loss is nearly 10 lbs. now (9.2 lbs. to be exact!) and when I re-took the quiz, I had to drop one point off my previous amount. Its important to remember to adjust the points every 10 lbs. or so, to make sure you continue to lose!

LOW-POINTS FOOD INFO: I've discovered several goodies at Trader Joe's that are low points and very filling! One is the Pretzel Slims. They are kinda cracker, kinda pretzel. You can eat 23 of 'em for 2 points!! There is also a frozen apple tart (shaped like a small pizza). Apparently 1/4 of it is only 2 points!!! Also, there are chocolate cat cookies for people, 15 of 'em for 2 points! No Pudge Brownie Mix, 1 brownie is 2 points. Meringue Cookies -- 2 for 1 point and they are VERY rich and sweet. A serving is 4 cookies for 2 points, but I couldn't get more than 2 at a time eaten and it was plenty. Frozen Chicken Egg Rolls, 1 egg roll is 2 points (and they're big egg rolls). Santa Rosa Honey Whole Wheat bread, 1 slice is 1 point. And there is a delicious cinnamon raisin bread that is 1 point per slice, and the brand is Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 which is delicious, and organic for those that care about such things. There's a great website that lists WW-friendly foods at Trader Joe's: (Sorry I couldn't get the html code for the link to work -- I don't know why, but even if I click on the link button and enter it, it won't show on the blog for some reason -- ARGGGG!!!)Hey, I know -- I'll add it as a link to the blog, on the right hand side! Trader Joe's is kinda pricey, but its a fun place to shop, and they have some items that aren't found anywhere else.

How is everyone else doing?? There's a post from Alicia -- I'd love to hear from the rest of you!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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