Thursday, November 1, 2007

a good week again.

Went to WW last night just for a quick weigh in and then home before the Trick or Treaters come...I lost another 2.9 pounds, making my total loss 24.1 Not sure how I am doing this, as I am not a good tracker...I guess my cooking healthy is helping, and not having tempting stuff around too.

There is some candy left from last night. We bought some candy that I like, but lower calorie and not chocolate. Even at that, the candy goes out the door to the shop today! I did indulge on about 5 pieces last night...

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Karen and Bill said...

Wow Alicia I am SO proud of you!!! Congratulations. It definitely is easier when you're at home and eating from home, and not eating out a lot. You're doing so great! You're an inspiration! :-)