Thursday, December 6, 2007

25 Pounds

I didn't want to go again to weigh in - what is up with that? Seems like every week I feel lousy about weighing in on the scale. I decided to weigh myself at home around 2pm....the number looked good. Last week I did that and it was off about 2 pounds. Anyway, I lost 1.1, total now of 25.5...I got my 25 lb star!!!!

I have been cooking up a storm of fun WW recipes this week. Last night I made Tandori Pork (not great)...and WW Mashed Potato's...again not a ton of flavor....

will post again in 2 weeks!


Karen and Bill said...

Yahoo!! You go, girl!! :-) Congrats.

Dim and Jana said...

You are doing great, fun to hit 25.