Thursday, April 19, 2007

How is everyone doing?

This blog has come to a standstill! I know a lot of you have small children, and other blogs to maintain, so I certainly understand. I have been extremely busy myself with my new position at work. We are currently in the midst of planning our fundraiser, Taste of the Foothills 2007, which is happening this Saturday!

I have had to drop out of going to WW meetings officially, because we bought a new truck and have to cut expenses to accommodate the new payment. We are moving to a cheaper place soon and will be saving quite a bit of money, so I may re-join this summer.

I am down 13 lbs. from when I started WW. I haven't been following the program too closely these last few weeks, and I keep gaining and losing the same pound. Frustrating!!

I will try to follow the program without formally going to meetings, although I have to admit I am not too motivated. I just wish the weight would fall off without having to actually diet!! Yeah I know -- dream on! I did read a magazine article that talked about the importance of STOPPING when you're full, and that there is a very quiet voice inside you that tells you when you're full, and it is very easy to drown out that voice by eating while reading, watching TV, etc. I have tried both, and realized that voice telling me I'm full is indeed VERY quiet, and when I came home for lunch one day and fixed a sandwich and some chips, and sat down to watch TV while I ate (forgetting about listening to the voice!). I got engrossed in my program, and the food was so tasty (PB&H, my fave! H=Honey) that I just shoveled it into my mouth until I polished off every bite. That's when I realized I was REALLY stuffed and way too full, and I realized that I had forgotten to listen to the voice.

How is everyone else doing?

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